Vote No on Measure N

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to urge voters to vote no on Measure N. If Measure N passes, the reduction in city funds would endanger our library, a treasured community hub and resource that benefits South Pasadena citizens of all ages.

The South Pasadena Library is well-used and beloved by South Pasadenans. At the library, people borrow books, CDs and DVDs, read magazines for leisure, bring their children to story times, attend free programs for their own enrichment and enjoyment, and more. In the last fiscal year, we circulated over 330,000 items, over 240,000 people of all ages entered the library, 1640 children participated in the summer reading program, and overall, about 23,000 people enjoyed over 425 programs.

Providing this level of service requires stable funding. If Measure N passes and the utility users tax is repealed, budget cuts would drastically reduce library services. The library would need to cut the hours the library is open, eliminate children’s programs, eliminate community programs, and eliminate two full time, and numerous part time, positions. These changes would negatively affect thousands of library patrons and their children.

In the words of one of South Pasadena library’s greatest supporters, “Without our libraries what have we? We have no past and no future” (Ray Bradbury).

Please support our library by voting NO on Measure N.

Brendan Andre Durrett