Teen Burglars Arrested Following Foot Chase

An alert neighbor foiled a pair of teen-age burglars in the 700 block of Adelaine Avenue on Sunday — spotting the pair entering a house through a window and calling police, who arrived quickly, gave chase and made a pair of arrests, authorities said.

South Pas Police Cpl. Craig Phillips said the would-be bandits — both males whose names were not divulged because of their ages — fled in separate directions when police arrived around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, but that both were caught after a brief foot pursuit and taken into custody.

Phillips said the pair, both residents of Los Angeles, later told police they had gotten off the Gold Line train shortly before the botched burglary.

The police report said the pair entered the home — whose residents were not home at the time — by removing a bathroom screen, and that they had also entered the house’s garage. The pair ransacked the home before fleeing, though it was not clear what loot the bandits had on their persons when they were arrested.

Det. Richard Lee of the SPPD’s Crime Prevention Unit praised the neighbor for seeing something and saying something.

“If it wasn’t for that neighbor, we wouldn’t have caught them,’’ Lee said. “It’s a good reminder for people. This is how we catch burglars — people watching out for each other.”

The pair was charged with burglary and resisting arrest.