SPHS Plays Role in Making of HBO Max Show

A stream of students casually strolling on the South Pasadena High School campus was enough to temporarily stop traffic Thursday morning of last week, what with these days of remote learning and underpopulated public spaces.
Had SPHS received a special permit to conduct in-person education?
Not quite, though a permit was involved — a filming permit, according to Joan Aguado, the city of South Pasadena’s film liaison.
The students were serving as extras for “Generation,” which is being produced by Turner North Center Productions and is set to air on HBO Max. The “dramedy” was created by Lena Dunham, the Golden Globe-winning writer and star of HBO’s series “Girls.” She also is “Generation’s” executive producer.
Production equipment filled the northeast parking lot of the fictional La Palma Cypress High School. And though the location’s name was changed, the iconic Tiger mascot apparently might appear on screen.