South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller Speaks About Missing Boy

A press conference regarding the Friday arrest of Aramazd Andressian Sr., whose only son has been missing since April 22, was held Monday at the Los Angeles County Hall of Justice. South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller spoke at the press conference, and had this to say about the present situation: “Today the LA County Sheriffs, the lead investigators on this, made statements about the arrest of the father… they filed murder charges on him. They are waiting until tomorrow, Tuesday, for an extradition hearing. Because [Andressian Sr.] is in another state, they cannot just bring him out [to Los Angeles]. He has to go through an extradition hearing. He has the right to object to that. We’re not anticipating that he will, then once he’s here, [the District Attorney’s office will] proceed with the case.”

As to what led to the Friday arrest, Chief Miller said, “They investigated all leads possible, and it got to the point where nothing he was saying matched up to the investigation, so they decided they have a strong enough case to file a ‘no body’ murder case. A ‘no body’ murder case obviously means that they have not found the body. It is not unusual for [those cases] to be filed, and they are very successful.”

The boy’s mother was not present at the press conference, instead choosing to make a statement through one of the lead investigators, “to express her concern and appreciation [for the investigators],” said Chief Miller. “The next step is for [Andressian Sr.] to have an extradition hearing in Las Vegas and it will be determined whether he wants to voluntarily come back or have to go to the next level. We are anticipating that he will wave his extradition and come back tomorrow.”

“At this point everything will be handled by the DA’s office,” concluded Miller, “Once the case is filed, the public responsibility goes from the Sheriff’s office to the DA’s office, and they’ll be making all the statements.”