So Pas High School Athletics in Disarray Because of Administration Leadership

Letter to the Editor

Parents let’s all be honest, either you don’t know or you don’t care when it comes to our South Pasadena High School Athletics. They are a complete and utter mess and you continue to let our inept leadership get away with this debacle.

With the hiring of a new athletic director, we are supposed to believe the current administration at the High School cares about being competitive across the sports landscape. Don’t let them fool you. Not for one minute was this new hire about winning. Inexperienced with no coaching background, this new AD probably has as many coaching contacts as my pet chinchilla. Bus scheduler yes, but leader of a faltering athletic programs in our community? Not so much.

Change is needed at the top. Bringing in the most impassioned and qualified people to fill these positions should become a priority. Whether it’s the South Pasadena School Board or the Superintendent changing these antiquated rules, it needs to be done.

I know it is hard to believe, but there was a time when South Pasadena High School Athletics were consistently great across the board. We have the athletes but nowadays they chose to go elsewhere for high school. Sadly, I chose not to send my children to SPHS because sports were very important to us and we knew the feeling wasn’t mutual. One of my children went on to play college basketball on an athletic scholarship and the other played four great years of high school sports.

It is too late for me and my kids, but maybe families with upcoming student athletes will read this and really affect change. The South Pasadena Tigers are a sleeping giant with great history and more importantly great families in our community. Time to wake that Tiger up!!

– James Carter