Sasquatch Pays a Visit to City Council to Promote 626 Golden Streets

The South Pasadena City Council was visited by the notoriously elusive Sasquatch last Wednesday to promote the upcoming 626 Golden Streets bike-friendly event later in the spring.

Sasquatch, played by 28-year-old Alex Watts of Rancho Cucamonga, brought a sense of levity to an oftentimes somber and serious meeting committed to doing the peoples’ business.

The 626 Golden Streets Mission-to-Mission event will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 19. The tri-city event is designed to link the central business districts of So Pas, Alhambra and San Gabriel through five miles of city streets that will be closed to cars but open to all other modes of transportation.

Avid bicyclist and City Councilmember Michael Cacciotti said the 626 Golden Streets will be a great event that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Sasquatch certainly agreed and bid the City Council adieu as he left the arena to applause and well-wishes galore.