‘Saddened’ by Coverage of Meza Death

Like other readers of the South Pasadena Review, I too was saddened at the callous way you reported on the death of Frank Meza (July 12).

I understand that small newspapers struggle in a marketplace dominated by press giants, and cut corners. But why not do what the big papers can’t? Why not gather facts from the people in our small town who knew the most about this tragedy? Better yet, why not spend time reporting on a core component of this tragedy — the harm caused by cyber-bullying?

Your readers might be amazed to learn that many of these online sites — the ones peddling in misinformation and hate — do so without regulation or penalty. Why not expose owners of the platforms, be they tech giants or individuals, all of whom make money off their hateful stories and comment threads? Be a leader in the field of journalism. Do a better job.

Susan Hoffmann

South Pasadena

• Shame on you! South Pasadena Review jumped quickly on the bandwagon copying other writers’ information from other media outlets instead of creating its own article regarding our very dear neighbor, Dr. Frank Meza.

Did you bother to investigate all the accomplishments Dr. Meza did in his lifetime, giving of himself to others? Did anyone from the Review bother to go to Dr. Meza’s Celebration of Life at Holy Family Church, South Pasadena, on Saturday, July 13? I would think someone from your staff would have gone since you were so quick to write about him.

Had you gone, you would have seen the church and parish hall completely packed with people standing, as there was not enough space to sit. You would have also heard from his colleagues, students he coached, friends and family, of all the amazing accomplishments, selfless acts and service he provided to the underserved and anyone who needed help. You would have collected a wealth of information, over two hours worth, had you sat in the church listening to everything positive said about him.

Gisela Longoria Salinas

South Pasadena

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