Portantino Endorses Harris for President

State Senator Anthony Portantino

The Democratic presidential candidates were barely off the stage in Detroit last week during one of their debates when the email from state Sen. Anthony Portantino landed in the inbox. It’s subject line was: “Wow! Help Me Help Kamala.’’

In the fast-moving world of presidential politics, South’s Pasadena’s senator in Sacramento has become an early endorser of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California, one of the 24 Democrats running for the chance to oppose President Trump in the 2020 general election.

The large Democratic field was split into two groups in the CNN-sponsored debates in Detroit, with Harris landing in the Wednesday, July 21, contingent.

It’s a long way before the field finds its survivor, with the first votes of primary season, in the Iowa caucuses, not taking place until next February. But Portantino is on board early in Camp Kamala.

“Once again, she crushed it on the debate stage!’’ Portantino gushed in the email, sent out by his campaign team. “Please help me help our good Senator become our next President. … We desperately need her intelligence and dignity in the White House.’’

In an interview with the Review, Portantino expanded on his reasons.

“I think Senator Harris distinguished herself as the attorney general of California,’’ he said.

“I think she has the experience. I think, you come from a state this large, as our senator but before that as the attorney general, (she administered) the second-largest law-enforcement agency in the country.

“I’ve worked with her when she was AG, and when she was district attorney for San Francisco,’’ Portantino added. “I think she’s skillful, she’s talented, she’s smart, and I think she’d make a good president.’’