Suspect Found after Car Pursuit on Monterey Road

A man who disappeared for nearly two hours after crashing his car in South Pasadena’s Monterey Hills following a pursuit by LAPD Thursday afternoon was found at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday evening hiding under a house on Martos Drive, a cul de sac just one block away from the crash.

After a pursuit ended on the intersection of Gates Place and Indiana Avenue, police were left searching for the suspect who witnesses said fled after crashing his car into a Porsche parked at the intersection. The suspect was a black man in his 20s wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.

Residents of Gates Place, a cul de sac that veers left off Indiana Avenue, worried that the suspect was hiding or fleeing in the wooded hills below South Pasadena’s water tower accessible by way of their backyards. The area contains trails that connect to the property of Pacific United Methodist Church off Monterey Road.

Police, who searched all the way down to Foremost Liquor Store, a half-mile from where the suspect was eventually found, said the pursuit began in the City of Los Angeles. They blocked off Monterey Road west of Indiana to search the surrounding blocks.

Police blocked off a perimeter to search for the suspect, who was found around 5:30 p.m. hiding under a house on Martos Drive. 

More information to come as this story develops.