Peacocks Ruffle This Resident’s Feathers

I am wondering what, if anything, our city government is doing about the peacocks in the Altos de Monterey area. They are noisy and dirty. The noise can be tolerated. Their filth is not.

They defecate all over my property, the tile in my entry, all over my patio and the walls surrounding the patio. I have had as many as 20 peacocks perched on my walls. I clean up their droppings and the very next day it is back to the same condition.

I have floor-to-ceiling windows, which attract them when they see reflections of themselves and they claw and attack the glass at their imagined foe, leaving scratch marks all over the glass. I cannot have my doors open, as I’ve had as many as eight peacocks invade my living room not knowing how to retrace their path and leave on their own. They stomp all over my roof, causing possible damage. Each year they are multiplying more and more.

I understand that the City of San Marino is trapping and transporting them to approved locations. What is our city doing?

Ernest A. Vargas

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