Parents Recognized for Volunteer Services to So Pas Schools

All the members of the Yes on S Committee were recognized Wednesday for their work to pass the $2.3 million parcel tax. In no order, the members of the committee were: Sara Shaffer, Saida Staudenmaier, Dean Sheldon Serwin, Yuki Cutcheon, Jean Zenas, Alyssa Carrera, Katrina Lowstuter, Nidhi Shah, Laura Morales, Christina Holmes, Mike Mayne, Ed Donnelly, Gretchen Robinette, Ittai Shadmon, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Lisa Rosenberg, Adrienne Shanley, Kirsten Jones, Judy Woo, Grace Kung, Scott Moe, Julian Petrillo, Kathleen Michel, Carrie Nakamura, Jessica Bradford, and Katy Nielsen.

Six Honorary Service Awards were presented to Council Parent Teacher Association members during a luncheon Wednesday afternoon in the District Board Room. Sara Austin, Adrian Gonzalez-Pacheco, Sara Shaffer, Saida Staudenmaier, Kathleen Michel and all the members of the Yes on S committee were recognized for their volunteer contributions to South Pasadena’s public schools.

Austin was recognized for her work on the biennial Special Needs Conference; Gonzalez-Pacheco for chairing and coordinating the All City Track Meet, which he has done since 2008; Shaffer and Staudenmaier for their work helping to renew Measure S; and Michel for her efforts as a PTA president at all school levels and her work on this year’s Parti Gras Committee.

The awards were handed out by the Council Honorary Service Awards Committee, made up of Laura Morales, Lisa Rosenberg and Grace Kung.