One Way to Battle Porch Pirates

I just read the South Pasadena Review article regarding theft of packages from peoples’ porches (Aug 9 issue).

Such happenings used to be prevented by USPS and UPS. If packages could not be delivered and signed off by a live person, the package would be returned to the local distribution point and a note would be left at the door stating where and when the package could be picked up. Packages were never left unattended on the porch.

Here’s another case in point: Last year my doorbell rang and a package was dropped off at my door. When I answered the door, all I saw was a UPS person scurrying back to his truck. I was not expecting a package, so I brought it in and discovered the address (including a telephone number) was of a neighbor a few houses down the street. So I called the neighbor and he came and picked up the package. I wonder how often this happens. Sign-off would also have prevented this problem.

I realize costs would rise a little if sign-off policies were adopted, but if the theft and mis-delivered costs are higher, then perhaps everyone would be better off.

Greg Gerhart, Milan Avenue

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