Obituary: Anne Christine Disselhorst

Anne Christine Disselhorst, of Monrovia, California, passed away Sunday, July 30, from a massive stroke caused by an undetected brain tumor.

Anne, in conjunction with her husband, Bill, was the proprietor of the popular South Pasadena eatery, Fiore Market Cafe. Anne was known for her fantastic cupcakes and cookies, her sharp wit and big smile.


Anne’s passing has left a huge hole in the soul of the community of South Pasadena. Anne was always at the cafe serving young and old patrons. She had many regulars who came to eat at the cafe, but more often to speak to her. She was loved by everyone.

Anne is survived by her beloved husband Bill and her two sons, Patrick and James, who she was devoted to her whole life. Anne guided her children through childhood into adulthood. She was by their side every step of the way, loving them with all her heart. Until the day she passed her thoughts and attention were on her sons’ well-being.

Anne will always be remembered by the young generation of customers who frequented the cafe. She was well educated and vocal with where she stood on political issues. She loved to banter and tease and enjoyed being around the young employees who kept her on her toes. She led a good and meaningful life and most importantly impacted the lives of others. She will be missed dearly.

A celebration of life for Anne was held last Friday at Fiore Market Café in South Pasadena.

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