Holden Bill Signed Into Law

Gov. Gavin Newsom this week signed into law a bill sponsored by Assembly Member Chris Holden that defines the education, training and qualifications needed to become a board certified music therapist in California.

“Inconsistencies in state regulation have created confusion in the practice of music therapy,” said Holden, who is South Pasadena’s representative in the lower house in Sacramento.

“This bill would create a uniform definition for music therapy services that would protect consumers from potential harm or misrepresentation from individuals that are not board certified music therapists and are not practicing under the industry’s code of professionalism.”

Training to become a board certified music therapist includes a bachelor’s degree, an exam, supervised training and continuing education. This clinical and evidence-based practice has helped a wide range of individuals, from children with autism developing their verbal and social skills to helping veterans manage PTSD.