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Dr. Davina Kotulski was inspired to write “It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self’’ because “so many people are going through change and transition right now.’’ Photo courtesy of Davina Kotulski

With the new year right around the corner, many of us are starting to think about the resolutions and changes we’d like to make, such as finding a new job or losing weight — but we often encounter obstacles that prevent us from achieving or pursuing our goals.

To help others achieve their personal transformational goals, South-Pasadena based author, psychologist and life coach Dr. Davina Kotulski wrote “It’s Never Too Late to Be Your Self,’’ which offers tools and secrets to unlocking the doors to personal fulfillment, growth, and success.

“I was inspired to write the book because so many people are going through change and transition right now,” Kotulski told the Review.

“Some people are choosing change, others are having change thrust upon them with downsizing, divorce, disaster and so forth. Many people are experiencing a loss of control and are looking outside of themselves for answers. This book helps people connect with themselves and what is truly important to them so they can begin living from their authentic essence.”

Each chapter is an invitation to follow a process Kotulski has created called “hearticulation,” which helps readers connect with their inner compass (heart) to create an authentic life that brings fulfillment.

“Living an authentic life involves slowing down and getting clear on one’s core values,” Kotulski said.

“It means being able to put fear in its place and begin to trust in a bigger picture. This is a challenge because we are used to letting fear and logic order our decision-making and choices — this actually disconnects us from our intuition and higher faculties.

“Following your inner compass will re-order your priorities and how you approach life. It will ultimately make you more resilient to the waves of change around you.”

Kotulski is a licensed clinical psychologist who worked for 13 years as a psychologist in a federal prison. A public speaker and respected leader in the LGBT equality movement, she has appeared in multiple documentaries, and facilitates workshops and webinars for clients.

She is also the author of several other books, including Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage and Behind Barbed Eyes.

“The holidays can be especially challenging for individuals who feel ‘stuck’ in their lives, wanting to move forward but not knowing how,” she said. “Creating a path to take back their power could foster joy this holiday season and the opportunity to live an authentic life in the new year.”

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