Halloween Celebrated at South Pas Schools, Kids (and Parents) Show off their Creativity

Tigers, Tiger Cubs, Wildcats and Lions celebrated Halloween in Tuesday morning’s muggy weather while the Roadrunners fortuitously scheduled their festivities for last Friday. The drizzle didn’t stop the two elementary schools from holding their parades outdoors, however, and the kids didn’t seem to mind; only, a few parents may have found themselves unsuccessfully trying to wipe paint off their children’s clothes that afternoon.

Marengo Elementary

Monterey Hills Elementary

Arroyo Vista Elementary

South Pasadena Middle School

South Pasadena High School

Marengo Elementary: Photos by Harry Yadav

Monterey Hills Elementary: Courtesy photos

Arroyo Vista Elementary: Photos by Rachel Walsh and Avery Clyde

South Pasadena Middle School: Photos by Joseph Ruiz

South Pasadena High School: Photos by Joseph Ruiz