Elementary School Construction Is Nearing an End

First published in the Jan. 28 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

Construction at Arroyo Vista Elementary School was recently finished over the winter break.
Despite the inclement weather setbacks, the re-paving of the playground and installation of the required fire lane were completed. At a later date, the newly surfaced playground will be sealed and new permanent game lines will be installed. These same renovations were completed at Marengo Elementary School, which is readying its classroom occupancy.
Exterior plaster has been completed and installation of the sheet metal coping for the roof and parapets are progressing at the new Monterey Hills Elementary School building, while the interior electrical and low voltage are underway. Site work will resume after the retaining wall on the east elevation is installed. Permanent power installation is expected in February 2022. In March, the hardscape and landscape will be installed. Final electrical connections and building interior finishes will be completed simultaneously.