Deadly Confrontation in Burbank

An investigation continues Thursday concerning an officer involved in a shooting in Burbank on the 400 block of Broadway.

South Pasadena police have confirmed that one of their officers was involved in the shooting.

Details are still coming in, but South Pasadena police were reportedly serving a warrant at the home.

The shooting between the South Pasadena officer and a man inside the Burbank home occurred at about 8:45 a.m. Two SPPD officers were said to be serving a warrant to a female. It is unclear why the warrant was being served.

On entering the home, the officers apparently came in contact with a male occupant who was said to be a renter.

It’s also unclear if both officers discharged their weapons.

Little details are available about the warrant served the woman. One news outlet said it may have something to do with fraud.