Chinese-American PTA Donations Benefit City’s Police, Firefighters

Photo by Zane Hill / The Review
Members of the South Pasadena Chinese-American PTA donated boxes of protective gear to the city last week.

The South Pasadena Chinese-American PTA last week donated a haul of protective equipment to be used by the city’s police officers and firefighters as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
Club members delivered boxes of the items to City Hall last week, where members of South Pasadena’s police and fire departments happily accepted the donations. The police department received 1,000 disposable face masks, 750 exam gloves, 90 bottles of hand sanitizer and 50 sets of personal protective equipment, or PPEs. The fire department received 1,270 of the masks, another 750 exam gloves and 55 sets of PPEs.
“It comes at the right time,” Mayor Bob Joe said after the donation. “We’re expecting a surge [in the disease]. They’re recommending now that we all wear masks, so this really comes at the right time.”
In his statement, the mayor assured residents that the departments remain fully staffed and are responding to all emergency calls, and that this donated equipment will help them be able to continue doing so in a safe manner.
“Our city really appreciates having people like you who will donate these for our first responders and essential workers,” Joe told the club members
The donation drive was organized by Chinese-American PTA members Melissa Cheng, Maggie Xiao, Helen Yu, Hong Zheng and Linda Liu.
“We couldn’t do this by ourselves,” Police Chief Joe Ortiz added. “These will probably go in our police cars within a couple of hours.”
Added Eric Zinteson, division chief of the fire department: “Hopefully this will be enough to keep us going.”
In a prepared statement, Councilman Michael Cacciotti lauded the Chinese-American PTA for their charitable effort.
“Their altruistic actions are symbolic of South Pasadena’s reputation for stepping up to help our community in times of need,” he wrote.
Extra equipment also will be transferred to Dial-a-Ride drivers, community service staffers preparing senior meals and employees monitoring city parks and public works utilities, as available.