California is the Best State in the Union

These fires are devasting. I have family in the burn areas and so far everything is OK. Homes are not lost and no one is injured.

However, there are homes lost and lives taken because of the fires. The town of Paradise, up north, is gone because of fires. Thousand Oaks is suffering not only from fire but also from the mass murder at Borderline Bar and Grill.

It is a very difficult time for us here in this great state.

I must tell you that I love California. I was born and raised here. In my opinion, it’s the best state in the union. The brightest live here. The most inclusive live here. The most creative live here. The most loving live here. And the bravest live here. Absolutely. No question about it.

Just look at South Pasadena firefighters battling the blaze on the front lines of the Woolsey.

Recently, I spent an incredible day with my family in Malibu. It was a picture-perfect postcard day. It was one of those days that only Southern California can produce: sunny, clear and crisp. There was clean ocean water and calm, comforting skies.

Then the fires struck and all hell broke loose. But I still love California despite this and the other natural disasters that it brings.

In addition to the fires, we have floods from time-to-time. We have earthquakes from time-to-time. And every time one of these devastations strikes us, we come together as a community and pull through it together.

Yes, it has been a rough time, and in some cases a tragedy of the highest order. But we are going to make it through. We always do. No question about it.

California continues to move forward. And for this, and many other reasons, I love my home state. Talk soon.