‘Booster Club’ Grabs Spotlight for City’s Entry in Rose Parade

Zooming down the roadway, a car full of animals is off to a tailgate party as depicted in South Pasadena’s entry in the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade.

Officials from the organization unveiled the new artwork this week as volunteers begin constructing what they hope will be another masterpiece in the long line of floats.

The theme of the New Year’s Day spectacle down Colorado Boulevard’s 5-1/2 mile route is “Making a Difference,” said Janet Benjamin, president of the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

Fittingly, “Booster Club,” the name of the city’s float, “fits the overall theme well,” she said.

“Who makes more of a difference in a kid’s life than the Booster Club?” Benjamin asked.

Inside the classic vehicle are a lion, tiger, ostrich and a giraffe. A trailer, containing all the ingredients for a tailgate party, is hitched to the car. “Of course, we had to put a tiger in there because we are the home of the tigers,” said a smiling Benjamin.

Always colorfully decorated, the body of the vehicle on the city’s newest float is going to be covered in roses, with kidney beans used on the fenders. Melaleuca bark, and eucalyptus, silver leaf and a variety of other flowers and natural products will be use to complete the task.

Not hiding her enthusiasm, Benjamin said, “The roses on the car are going to be spectacular!”