Arroyo Seco Pedestrian and Bike Trail Nears Completion

City of South Pasadena staff members are “evaluating the various options and costs” associated with building a protective cover for the portion of the Arroyo Seco Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail that runs along the golf course driving range, Council Member Michael Cacciotti said earlier this week.

“It is anticipated that a staff recommendation (regarding the protective cover) will be presented to the City Council in June,” Council Member Dr. Marina Khubesrian told The Review Tuesday.

This will allow staff “enough time for the final invoice (for the trail project) to be submitted and to provide accurate budget numbers to City Council,” City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe said.

During the trail’s construction, staff observed that a number of golf balls were landing “within the path of travel of the trail,” Khubesrian said, threatening bicyclists and pedestrians. This prompted the City to look into building a safety trellis to protect people from stray golf balls.

“The (protective covering) is not a requirement to officially complete the project that was submitted for the grant funding,” Khubesrian explained. “We technically can open the trail without the safety trellis after notice of completion. And we should discuss doing so with a temporary protective feature.”

The trail project, meanwhile, is 99 percent complete with a few outstanding punch list items, Khubesrian said. The Notice-of-Completion for the trail project, which extends from the entrance of Lohman Lane to the Nature Park behind the golf course driving range, will come before Council for approval at its upcoming meeting on Wednesday, May 16.

“The (safety) trellis was not part of the initial trail scope and thus can be completed after the notice of completion is issued,” DeWolfe explained. “The City is on track to receive all the grant funding for the trail. It is expected that the Notice of Completion will satisfy the grant requirements to receive reimbursement.”

Sully Miller Contracting is in the final stages of completing the original contract work and conducted the final job walk for the project Tuesday. Landscaping, trail pavement legends, and other details of the project have been completed, and, despite a slight delay, the City will receive all of its original grant funding.

$2,472,121, coming from more than ten sources, was initially set aside for the project. $500,000 came from Proposition C, $410,000 from the Santa Monica Mountains Convervancy and $347,000 from the City of South Pasadena’s General Fund.

As for when residents will be able to use the trail, DeWolfe said: “The City is moving forward with the community’s safety in mind. The timeline for the trail opening will depend on the trellis option selected as some have a faster manufacturing time than others. There is no estimated timeline yet.”

The City Manager encouraged residents to stay off the trail until it officially opens.