An Overnight To Remember: ‘Sleep Out’ Show at Rose Bowl

You can sleep under the stars — and among a galaxy of show-biz stars — this Saturday, Dec. 7, at The World’s Big Sleep Out, a free music festival at the Rose Bowl.

All for a good cause.

Ziggy Marley, Ellie Goulding, Meghan Trainor and Sean Kingston are among the celebrities joining together at the Rose Bowl venue of the Sleep Out —  a worldwide display of solidarity to support homeless causes.

In addition to the Rose Bowl, Sleep Out events will take place at 49 other locations all around the globe.

At the Rose Bowl, there will also be live music and inspirational performances by other notable artists such as Randy Jackson and his All-Star Band.

You’ll even get bedtimes stories — via video link from such celebs as Dame Helen Mirren (from London) and Will Smith (from New York).

Sean Kingston Photo by Imani Blackman

“This is the first time this event is being held world-wide,” said Debra Beadle, a South Pasadena resident and volunteer. “Some people will also be spending the night.”

Showtime comedian Don Friesen will kick off the event, with TV correspondents Dorothy Lucey, Steve Edwards and Jillian Barberie serving as emcees. Actor/comedian Seth Green will contribute a bedtime story as well.

“Homelessness is a very real and important issue for me to support,’’ Kingston said. “Every day we see people suffering on the streets of Los Angeles and I feel so much for these people. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel blessed and thankful for what God has given me. It is an honor today to be a part of this concert in L.A. and to be uniting with thousands of people around the world to help make a difference.”

Charity On Top is hosting the Rose Bowl event in partnership with The World’s Big Sleep Out. The event supports several local homeless charities and initiatives such as Downtown Women’s Center, Union Rescue Mission, New Directions for Veterans and others.

Seth Green. Photo by Joe Viles/FOX

The Sleep Out was started by Josh Littlejohn, founder of the Scottish charity Social Bite. The goal is 50,000 people sleeping out worldwide to help the current homeless and displaced population.

All money raised — from donations and sales at the venues — will go to registered charities striving to end homelessness.

“This night will be absolutely incredible and will raise much-needed awareness and funds for a cause that affects us all,” said Marchelle Sellers, co-founder of Charity on Top.

“We know one night is not the answer — there isn’t one answer. But this platform will help to bring the subject to a larger conversation and help us understand this is a worldwide and complex problem that needs compassion and attention. We are supporting eight local charities and three global charities that are doing incredible work, and together we can make a difference one person at a time.”

The event and parking are free, but donations are encouraged and there are multiple ways to contribute.

Attendees must be 16 or over, and you’ll need to pre-register at The L.A. Sleep Out starts at 5:30 p.m.