A Friendship with Movies

I love movies. They’re my friends. I watch movies all the time, the same movie several times. I remember reading about people that used to say that books were their friends. I feel the same way about movies. But movies are much more fun when you are lucky enough to watch them with a friend. Now, that’s the cat’s meow. Hanging with friends while watching a friend.

The other day, I went to see the new Denzel Washington film, “The Equalizer 2.” A good movie. I love the character he plays. Someone that can snuff the light right out of your soul if you don’t do what’s right. Robert McCall, Washington’s character, is a saving grace with a razor-sharp ability to kill. Deadly spirituality.

My friend, this movie. I will buy it when it comes out and watch it over and over again. I have watched some movies like the original Magnificent Seven circa 1960 with Steve McQueen and Yul Brenner more than a hundred times easy. I grew up around movies. My dad was an actor. My brother is an actor and director. I graduated college with a degree in drama. Yepper. Movies are my buddies.

I have a pretty sizable collection of movies. I don’t much like the classics. I like modern films. Superhero films. I also like small indie films. I watched a powerful film the other night that personally resonated. It’s called “Submission.” I highly recommend it. It stars Stanley Tucci as a college professor with a successful book to his credit. He hasn’t written another for nearly a decade and his life goes south over a girl. It’s a good film. A good friend.

Talk soon.